Best Industrial Sewing Machine For Denim | Top 6 Products Of 2021

best industrial sewing machine for denim

Are you in search of the best industrial sewing machine for denim and jeans? It’s a bit difficult to make the right decision, due to the many brands available in 2021.

Denim is purely a cotton fabric that regularly utilizes in the making of jeans, pants, coats, and other garments. It is typically a blue-coloured hard-wearing fabric, provides long-lasting usage. The clothes made of denim are never gone out of style as people love wearing this fabric’s clothes on all kinds of occasions or outdoors. The reason behind it is,

“denim neither torn-up easily, nor fade-up shortly.”

So, we have extracted the six best industrial sewing machines for Denim sewing. It will help you quickly stitch the latest-styled denim clothes to serve yourself, your family, and customers with the best clothes ever!

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Top 6 Best Industrial Sewing Machines For Denim in 2021

  1. JUKI DDL-8700 Industrial Straight Stitch Machine
  2. Consew 206RB-5 Walking Foot Upholstery Machine
  3. TOYOTA Super Jeans J34 Sewing Machine
  4. Brother ST371HD Strong & Tough Machine
  5. Singer Studio S16 Industrial-Grade Machine
  6. Janome HD1000 Industrial Sewing Machine

1. JUKI DDL-8700 – Industrial Denim Sewing Machine

Juki, one of the best quality sewing machine providers, has introduced the JUKI DDL 8700 sewing machine. It is the best heavy-duty sewing machine that smoothly runs over the denim and gives out a perfect product. So, our first review is about the machine that deserves to be at the top of the list of the best industrial sewing machines for denim.

best industrial sewing machine for denim

Juki DDL-8700 Review

The JUKI DDL-8700 is a 48 inches sewing machine that is specially designed for denim that doesn’t work on leather or other heavy fabrics. It is a single-needle sewing machine that smoothly applies straight stitches on the fabric without making too much noise or vibration.

It is a high-performance sewing machine offering 5500 stitches per minute. With a maximum stitch length of 5mm, it perfectly stitches the clothes within a short time. An ideal feature of it is its 110V with servo sewing motor that is quiet and makes it the best industrial sewing machine for home use.

Overall, it is a 28 pounds weighted sewing machine that serves best in completing big projects within few days by implying an ample quantity of stitches per minute without creating noises.

So, If you are searching for a straight-stitch heavy-duty machine or a sewing machine to complete the hard sewing jobs quickly then the Juki DDL-8700 may be the ideal stitching machine for you.

Features We Love

  • Sturdy construction by heavy-duty materials.
  • Servo serving motor offers a quiet sewing experience.
  • 5500 stitches per minute is a fantastic feature to complete big projects within a short time.
  • It is a short-sized sewing machine that can be fitted anywhere.

Features Need to Improve

  • Lack of digital LCD screen for managing designs or settings.
  • Heavy Weight machine
  • It isn’t suitable for leather and other heavy fabrics.

2. Consew 206RB-5 – Best Sewing Machine for Denim

Another best heavy-duty industrial machine lined-up is going to offer an ample amount of excellent features for easy sewing and free-motion quilting. It is designed in a way to offer stitching of all kinds of fabrics; from light to heavy. With its large variety of adjustable features, you can personalize your projects up to a higher extent.

industrial denim sewing machine

Consew 206RB-5 Review

The Consew 206RB-5 is one of the best sewing machines by Consew that shows how perfect the “Consew” brand is in providing sturdy and durable sewing machines. The machine is featuring a large bobbin that offers easy replacement of bobbin without stopping your sewing.

It consists of a 14mm high presser foot lift through which you can easily adjust the pressure required on your fabric. With the 10mm extra-long stitch, the machine completes many clothes’ sewing within a short time by applying a maximum speed of 3300 stitches per minute. The length of forwarding stitches can be the same as the reverse ones by an adjustable mechanism.

The 258mm large workspace offers easy working on longer projects or managing many clothes at a single time. Also, there is a reserved-oiled hook that comes along with a micrometric control valve. The heavy-weighted sewing machine by Consew also features a locking stitch regulator that prevents changing of stitch length caused by vibration.

Features We Love

  • A high-performance sewing machine offers a maximum speed of 3300 per minute.
  • Best for sewing all types of fabric.
  • 10mm extra-long stitching mechanism.
  • Easy bobbin replacement system.
  • Large workspace with locking stitch regulator.

Features Need to Improve

  • Less attractive design.
  • More vibration during operation.

3. Toyota Super Jeans J34 – Best Sewing Machine for Jeans

Toyota is one of the top leaders in making the best cars has also been manufacturing top-quality sewing machines since 1946. They are still continuing to improve their products’ quality and offer durable sewing machines to their customers. The Toyota super jeans J34 sewing machine is a heavy-duty, reliable machine that is capable of sewing up to 12 layers of denim perfectly!

sewing machine for denim

Toyota Super Jeans J34 Review

With an elegant look of J34, there is an inclusion of various advanced features that allow the sewers to stitch from 3 to 12 layers of denim accurately. The durable construction doesn’t allow the machine to miss even a single stitch and run smoothly on the denim fabric.

It consists of 34 built-in stitch patterns, including a 4-Way smocking stitch, a Triple Reinforced Zig Zag stitch, Overlock stitches, Utility stitches, Blind Hem stitches, Applique stitches. It also has stretch stitches, decorative stitches, a Triple Reinforced straight stitch, and a four-step buttonhole stitch. Choose your desired stitch and beautifully sew the denim clothes.

Threading the needle is not going to be a difficult task as its automatic needle threader will do it for you to avoid frustration or eye strain. Moreover, it has an added free arm to provide easy sewing of cuffs, sleeves, collars, or pant legs. The drop-in bobbin system allows smooth and quick changing of bobbin when you run out.

So, sew denim garments easily and complete big projects within a short time with the Toyota super jeans J34 sewing machine!

Features We Love

  • Superb lightweight and durable denim sewing machine.
  • Automatic needle threader threads the needle within seconds.
  • 34 built-in stitches offer more stylish sewing.
  • It can stitch up to 12 layers of soft or hard denim.
  • Simple dial for the adjustment of Presser foot pressure.
  • Added free arm offers easy sewing of cuffs, pants, or collars.

Features Need to Improve

  • No LCD Display.
  • Slightly expensive.

4. Brother ST371HD  – Best Sewing Machine for Denim

It is impossible to overlook the name of “BROTHER” when it comes to talking about sewing machines. Brother is one of the top leading brands that never compromise on providing its customers with the highest quality ever. Its’ first and last priority is customers’ satisfaction and truly achieve it by giving the best industrial sewing machines for jeans.

Here introducing an ideal Brother ST371HD sewing machine offering an easy sewing experience. Undoubtedly, Brother ST371 HD is the best industrial sewing machine for denim. You should feel proud of yourself if you’re a Brother’s customer!

best sewing machine for denim

Brother ST371HD Review

Take a sewing start by utilizing the two simple features; an automatic needle threader and a jam-resistant drop-in bobbin system. It is a tough, strong sewing machine featuring 37 unique built-in stitches with an inclusion of an auto-sized buttonhole that offers you various stitching styles on your fabric.

It is the best industrial sewing machine for the home as it also consists of a versatile free arm that helps complete a wide range of projects. For the beginners to professionals’ use sewing machine, there is an instructional DVD included to help you in every way.

Brother ST371HD is ideal for stitching and mending all kinds of fabric from thick to lightweight silk fabrics. The six sewing feet are given including blind stitch foot, zipper foot, button sewing foot, spring action foot, nonstick foot, and an auto-size buttonhole. With a maximum speed of 800 stitches per minute, it helps out in completing sewing work early.

Features We Love

  • 37 built-in stitch patterns offer unique stylish and sewing of fabric.
  • The drop-in bobbin system reduces efforts and saves time.
  • Versatile free arm helps in managing big projects.
  • Six sewing feet with an instructional DVD.
  • Best for sewing of all fabric types.

Features Need to Improve

  • A maximum speed of 800 stitches/ minute is not ideal for bigger projects.
  • Only one auto-size buttonhole.

Video Guide of Brother 371HD

5. Singer Studio S16 – Best Sewing and Quilting Machine

Our other selection is from the well-known company “SINGER”. As we all know that Singer keeps introducing the best-quality, latest-designed and advanced features containing sewing machines, the Studio S16 is an open-eyed result of it. It is the best industrial sewing machine for jeans, offers précised stitching and a free-motion sewing experience.

best industrial denim sewing machine

Singer Studio S16 Review

The biggest time-saving part is the automatic needle threader that threads the needle and the presser foot sensor that ensures the presser’s proper position for you to offer an easy start. And the knee-lifter included in the machine allows hands-free lowering and raising-up of the presser foot.

There are two built-in lights in the sewing space that allow you to do free-motion sewing any time without compromising eye-straining or frustration. Its needle bar and needle plate offer distortion-free, précised sewing for almost all types of fabric.

The adjustable presser foot is there for deciding how much pressure should be exerted on your fabric. The 3rd one is optimal for almost all fabric types, but you should decrease it when sewing delicate chiffon-like fabrics or increase it on high-pile clothes.

Press the needle up/ down buttons when start stitching or quit stitching. There is a side-loading system to provide an easy bobbin insertion facility. It is a vertical full-rotatory bobbin system that gives a précised straight stitch every time at every fabric.

All in all, Singer S16 is not only one of the best industrial-grade sewing machines for denim & jeans, but also the perfect choice for professional quilters, seamstresses, and sewers!

Features We Love

  • Hands-free knee lifter for easy adjustment of the presser foot.
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure for perfect sewing.
  • Side-loading easy-inserting full-rotatory bobbin system.
  • Automatic needle threading system.
  • Two built-in lights in the sewing area.

Features Need to Improve

  • Not a portable machine due to its heavyweight.
  • Threading is a little bit tricky.

6. Janome HD1000 Sewing Machine

Janome has presented the best industrial sewing machine for jeans named “Janome HD1000”. Made from high-grade aluminium; its black body offers long-lasting durability. It has come with a variety of advanced features to help the sewer experience easy sewing times.

Due to its features, solid construction, ease of use, and affordable price tag we’ve also mentioned Janome HD1000 in the category of the best mechanical sewing machine. So, you can bring Janome HD1000 for home use or industrial use. It is found ideal for both purposes!

sewing machine for jeans and leather

Janome HD1000 Review

Here, we present the black-coloured Aluminum outer body and inner frame containing the best heavy-duty sewing machine with a 25 years limited warranty. The most durable construction has offered you easy threading, sewing, and becoming a great sewer. With a single switch of a lever, you can drop down feed dogs for free-motion sewing and quilting.

The machine consists of a needle threader that automatically threads the needle just by a button press. With the front-loading bobbin system, you would not need to put more effort into starting. With the front button for the adjustment of stitch length and width, you can easily manage your stitching style.

The Janome Industrial sewing machine has come with 14 stitching patterns and 4 one-step buttonholes. You select among them to personalize your projects and to stitch in the way you want in your clothes. Furthermore, a removable free arm for cuffs and sleeves are also added in this best industrial sewing machine for homes.

Features We Love

  • 25 years big warranty provided.
  • 14 stitching patterns and 4 buttonholes offer more stylish stitching.
  • An automatic needle threader automates the threading to save time, energy, and eye strain.
  • Free arm for cuffs and sleeves.
  • Front buttons for stitch length and width adjustments.
  • Lightweight and sturdy aluminium construction.

Features Need to Improve

  • A short table can cause difficulty during big projects.
  • It doesn’t work well on all kinds of fabrics
  • Threading the bobbing isn’t easy.

Janome’s Zipper Feet Guide

Bottom Line

Here ends our review about the best industrial sewing machine for denim. We have tried up to a greater extent to extract out the best industrial sewing machines for denim. Most of the sewing machines gathered above are best for sewing all fabric types, but some are only designed for denim. All of these containing different prices and different features have their particular speciality.

So, choose with more concentration and consideration of all features to avoid any regret afterwards. You can go with any one of those as mentioned above, the best heavy-duty sewing machines as all are ideal machines and highly recommended by people.

Choose the best industrial sewing machine for denim 2021, and avail the best fabric stitching styles!