Writing Scholarship

Writing Scholarship

We are a team of research and reviewing different sewing machine brands and top-selling products of these brands. Our vision is to help people in choosing the best sewing machines from the market for their personal or industry use.

At sewgadgets we sincerely care about the upcoming generation and recognize the extreme importance of continuing education, and that’s why we are pleased to offer our bi-annual $25000/year college scholarship contest. Each year, we award a total of $25000 in college scholarships to two students. undergraduates in business, business management, advertising, sales, marketing, or computer science, IT, and related fields. Are you ready to be our next scholarship recipient?

Important Note: At any time will we request your date of birth, social security number, or any information that is not necessary to award the scholarship. Additionally, there are no fees required to apply for this program.

Are you ready to show your amazing skills? If you want to win a $25000/year scholarship, you simply need to write a short essay on “Impacy of COVID-19 on IT Sectore”and impress us with your talents.

Scholarship Qualifications / Eligibility

  • All applicants must be currently enrolled, or due to be enrolled, as a full-time student at a college or university for the semester that they are applying to receive the scholarship.
  • Applicants are not required to have a minimum GPA.
  • Provide a copy of your school transcript.
  • Submit an original 1,000+ word essay entitled “Digital Marketing in 2021” The paper must be signed with the student’s first and last name and provide a current .edu email address.

Deadline Information – $25k/year Scholarship

  • The essay will be postmarked by April 1st, annually
  • The winner will be selected by April 10th, annually
  • Disbursement of awards by May 1st, annually

Terms and Conditions:

  • The sewgadgets Scholarship award will be directly submitted to the financial aid office that corresponds to the student’s primary .edu email address.
  • The essays submitted will be judged by the sewgadgets team, who will review the essay for creativity and writing ability.
  • The essay must be unique with original content.
  • The sewgadgets team will attempt to notify the $25000/year scholarship winner by phone and email. If the winner does not respond within 30 days, we reserve the right to withhold the award and/or offer it to the runner-up.
  • Once the winner has been selected, enrollment and qualifications will be fully confirmed.
  • If an applicant no longer meets the eligibility requirements at the time of distribution, then we will offer the award to the next runner up.


A minimum of 5 participants/entries are required for this scholarship offer. In the unlikely event that we do not have 5 participants, the entries will be applied to the next campaign.

Privacy Policy:

For security purposes, we will not reveal any type of information of applicants to anyone. The information of all applicants will be added to our record only and we will disclose it.